Dinka Classes

Do you want your child/children to learn  how to read, write, or speaking in Dinka? good news.  We have Dinka classes on Sunday . Why do these children need to learn Dinka language while they were born here in USA? The answer  is that some of the children gave testimony in their class that some times when a family member called from Africa and want to talk to them is a challenge to them.

all ages are welcome.

For registration you are free to contact our teachers

Majier Riak Chol 616-819-8374

Daniel Jok nai 616- 666- 1052

Thon Deng Luak 616-406-8209

James Achuoth Aleu 616-375-8488

Sudanese Grace Sunday school

The children are half of our congregation, our goals is to teach them more about God. Many of our children have been asking our leadership that they would like to set up car wash in the summer. It did not work out last year and we hope it will work  this year. Some of the goals our Sunday school raised in the meeting last week are follow.

1 Sunday School trip in the Summer to Chicago.

2 Fun day at Criage cruiser one day.

3 Roller skating.

4 Tour at Meier garden.

Three months report

The year of 2019 in Sudanese Grace story would  be with blessing. We believe that God will reveal peace to our people back home. We are very thankful to all Sudanese friends who have been praying for us and support us Spiritually and financially as well. In Addition, the Sudanese members who volunteer tirelessly and keep the mission of the church alive are now set the goals of 2016 to be accomplished.

1. The month of January 2016 pledges and membership contribution went well. The attendance was between 50 to 70 a Sunday.

2.  The Month of February has the same pattern  with January. due to the weather. Some people have a hard time to drive during the winter in Michigan.

3. The month of March attendance increased because the weather changes little warm the attendance was between 60 to 75 a Sunday

In the month of March also we received two South Sudanese  families, A family  came as refugees. One family came from Israel and the other family came from Kenya.