Church Leadership

Our mission is all thanks to Almighty God, who has been our shield and defender in the refugee camps and who led us to the land of opportunity, the United States of America.

Our church leadership structure includes lay people and clergy, and is according to the canons of our diocese.

The church is in the Anglican tradition, grounded in scriptures.  Our worship style is rooted in the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer.


The Rev. Zachariah Jok Char – Rector
Phone: 616-328-3752







The Rev. Deacon Abraham Anei – Deacon
Phone: 616-862-3087





Daniel P. Monyror – Senior Warden
Phone: 404-735-2734

John K. Atem – Junior Warden
Phone: 616-589-1589

Deng Th. Alier – Building Manager
Phone: 616-377-6895

Jacob J. Kuir- Deputy Building Manager
Phone: 616-307-7365

Bol Dau Mangok – Treasurer
Phone: 616-284-9411

Bheer M. Alier – Outreach