Brothers and sisters in Christ. The Lord is good all the time. Welcome to Sudanese Grace Episcopal Church Website. We hope that you are enjoying this year of 2019. We welcome you to visit us and worship with us. Our service start at 1:00 – to 2:15 pm. We are located at 2345 Robinson Road St Se Grand Rapids Michigan 49506. We are one in the Spirit, we are one in the Lord. Please remember the people of South Sudan in your daily prayers. South Sudan is a Young Nation and it had been in a turmoil since 2013. let join in prayers and with God mercy, ┬ápeace will come to South Sudan. for any question we are available to answer your questions.

Vestry update: dear Sudanese grace Episcopal Church members, it is that time o the year that we come together and share about how we can join our hands for the sack of our church’s mission. The end of 2018 was in Sudanese Grace history will not be forgotten. Thanks be to God we met our target goals in Jesus names.

Rev. Zachariah J Char 616-328-3752.

Rev. Abraham A Anei 616-862-3087.

Senior wodern Daniel Pach Monyror 404-735-2734.